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Thyroid dysfunction is not always easy to recognize.

With regard to problems with the thyroid gland, Connie and Marjorie find themselves in a very large company. According to the American Association of Specialists in Thyroid Disease, millions of American women suffer from dysfunction of its functions and many of them are unaware of this. Even doctors are not always aware of how common manifestations of thyroid dysfunction are. They are especially common in older women and older women, and they may be mistaken for other diseases. The fact that Conny had to move, unfortunately, is not uncommon.
A butterfly resembling in shape, the thyroid gland is located on the neck, and its two “wings” cover the trachea below the adam apple. This is very important for the life of the body iron normally weighs less than an ounce, but its impact on health is extremely high. It can be considered as a metabolic regulator. Iron produces two hormones, but mainly iodine-containing thyroxin. These hormones are involved in the regulation of heart rate, body temperature, it depends on them how quickly you will “burn” calories, the speed with which food will pass through the digestive tract and much more.
Normally, the thyroid gland produces such an amount of hormones, which is necessary for the full activity of the body. But, as Marjorie had, she might become overly active and produce too many hormones. Or, as in the case of Connie, her activity can be reduced, and then the hormones are produced less than usual. In any of these cases, the metabolism worsens, or acceleration or slowing down of oxidative processes occurs.
Most of the problems associated with the autoimmune reaction. The immune system protects the body from invading microbes. However, during an autoimmune reaction, the immune system begins to function to the detriment of the body.
“In hypothyroidism, the immune system produces antibodies that attack and damage thyroid cells, which further reduces the amount of hormones produced by the gland,” notes Kei McFarland, MD, an endocrinologist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Columbia University, South Carolina.
In case of a goitre's disease, on the contrary, antibodies attach to the receptors of thyroid cells and stimulate the production of an excess amount of hormones, explains Dr. McFarland. And in fact, and in another case, there is an imbalance in the system of regulation of energy production. Fortunately, in both cases, treatment brings good results if diagnosed.