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Do not forget about yourself

An adult society is just as important to you. You need to have interests and social circle besides your children. It is easy to immerse yourself in the comfortable life of your beloved and loving mother, but you risk depriving yourself of useful communication with adults and overloading your child with the need to satisfy all your emotional needs.
“Children want to be the center of your life no matter what you are,” says Dr. Mancusi. Parents of children with great joy go for it, because they actually are in the center of the child's life, and this gives them satisfaction. But you can begin to liken the child to the parents, especially the child of the opposite sex. The boy becomes like a little dad. I think you unconsciously place on the child much more responsibility than he is able to bear. ”
If you give your child the opportunity to communicate with other adults, you destroy the intensity and exclusivity of the connection that has formed between you. As a single mother, you may be too immersed in everything that concerns your child, who will most likely turn into “the only one”.
Dr. Mancusi warns against the danger of trying to become both mother and father for your child. “You can overdo the satisfaction of the child’s needs because of the guilt that“) you have deprived of his so-called normal family, she warns. It would be a mistake to think that you should become both a mother and a father for him at once. In fact, you should try to become a good mother. ”