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Non-carious teeth damage

Diseases of non-carious origin can be both the result of a malformation of a tooth, and its damage after eruption. Disorders in the development of teeth are manifested in the form of a different nature of changes in enamel: normal color, underdevelopment, the absence of it, or, conversely, an excessive amount in the form of enamel drops. The manifestations can be on most teeth or on individuals. Often there are anomalies in the shape of teeth.
It happens that pigment spots or strokes appear on the enamel, more often on the incisors, less often on other teeth. Sometimes there are defects in the form of enamel erosion. The cause is an excess of fluoride salts in drinking water. Hence the name of the disease - fluorosis (in Latin fluoride fluorum). Detected already in childhood with permanent teeth. Pigmented spots and stripes (strokes) create significant cosmetic discomfort. And in cases of erosion, conditions arise for the destruction of the enamel cover of the tooth. The disease is often endemic, i.e. affects the population of a certain region, where in one liter of water contains more than 1-1.5 mg of fluorine salts.
Developed centralized technologies that reduce their level in drinking water. The changes on the enamel of the teeth are amenable to cosmetic treatment by a dentist.