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Unequal relations

Of course, it was concluded that not all the novels create a tense situation. Most often it is the novels between the boss and the subordinate. The report says that this type of novel “disrupts the normal working environment most of all and has dire consequences,” especially if one of them or they both have families. “These novels cause a feeling of envy and suspicion among other workers and may lead to a decrease in labor productivity, the report says. This kind of relationship can be blamed for protectionism. ” According to experts who conducted the study, many other employees feel ignored by a manager who pays special attention to just one person.
Catherine Roland, 27, working in a large advertising agency, was in a difficult situation. Catherine recalls that when her boss, who was married, began to show increased interest in her, she did not understand that the people around them noticed what was happening. “At first he played the role of my mentor, which was great, she admits. And I tried not to pay attention to his marital status. He gave me a very interesting job and took me with him to dinners with powerful people. But at the same time he ignored my immediate superior, and she was offended. I was too naive to understand all the unacceptability of such behavior, the violation of generally accepted standards. ”
When a 30-year-old reporter, Doris Dilani, had an affair with a married editor, she knew that everyone considered her a favorite, although it was assumed that their relationship remained a secret to others. “In fact, Doris says, he treated me more demandingly than any other employee. I had no advantages. ”
The report of the Bureau of National Affairs indicates that this attitude often prevails. One of the experts writes that those who walk in pets “sometimes stand on their heads, only so that everything is fair.” Still, the rest continue to suspect unfair preference.
But the main problem is not that. “The relationship between the boss and the subordinate carries another danger, Judith Sills, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Philadelphia, notes. What happens if or rather, when the novel ends? This question cannot be ignored. ”