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With general wiping of the naked patient, standing in a basin with warm water, they wrap a sheet moistened with water and wrung out well. The hearth temperature is gradually reduced from 32-30 ± С to 20-18 ± С (by the end of the course of treatment). The patient is quickly and energetically rubbed over a damp sheet for 2–3 minutes until it feels warm, then wiped with a dry sheet. Sometimes after wiping the patient, they are doused with 1-2 buckets of water, the temperature of which is 1-2 ± C lower than the temperature of the water taken for wiping, then wiped dry (so-called wiping with dousing). The patient can carry out the procedure on his own, wiping the entire body with a sponge dampened in water or a special mitt, and then rubbing it dry with a towel. Weakened patients undergo partial rubdown. A patient lying in bed under a blanket is first opened with one leg, then the other, his arm, back, etc., on which they put a towel moistened with water and a wrung towel and rub it thoroughly over it, then wipe it dry and cover it with a blanket again. Salt, alcohol, cologne are sometimes added to water. Such wiping has a refreshing and tonic effect, improves blood circulation and increases metabolic rate.