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Catherine Hepburn attitude

To cope with sad thoughts about your loneliness, you can be helped by support groups, even informal ones, such as your girlfriends, who are also unmarried, who, among other things, provide you with a society that saves you from feeling lonely. “You have to realize that there are a lot of people like you who are one of the cures for such a disease. When you see other capable, nice people in the same position, you realize that they are not ugly, not flawed people and that the definition of “poor people” does not fit them, continues Dr. Weiss.
Role models also help. One of the women said that she admires actress Katherine Hepburn, who after a short early marriage all her life left alone. “I realized that you can be loved without having a husband,” she said.
Some women find role models in their own lives. “When I was in college, I was fascinated by one of my teachers. She was a bright woman of about thirty and unmarried, says one lonely woman who feels completely happy. She had a beautiful apartment, a lot of friends, men fell at her feet. I am not living such a brilliant life at all, but she gave me a perfect example as to what should be done if the person you need does not appear. I realized that life does not begin with marriage. ”