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Before the reality of breast cancer

"The first thing that every woman thinks about when she is diagnosed with breast cancer is:" Will I really die? ”Says Susan Love, MD, from the Falknerovsky Center for Breast Diseases in Boston. Then follows: "Will I really lose my chest?"
When such questions all the time drill your brain, it is clear that the fact of breast cancer affects the psyche.
You are shocked that your own body betrays you, explains Dr. Love. And you are struck by the absence of signs of the disease. It's hard to believe that a deadly disease develops in your body when you feel great. "
These feelings, especially the state of inhibition, are well conveyed by Kerry McGinn. “For the most part, my husband and I sat hugging each other and talking, she says. I tried to collect my thoughts and pull myself together to control the situation; the diagnosis completely deprives you of your ability to control yourself, but my thoughts were confused. ”
It often happens that women who know that they have breast cancer want to be operated on as soon as possible. “During the first 24 hours, women can declare:“ Cut it out and that's it, ”says Dr. Love. It is naive to think that if you remove the breast, the cancer will disappear and you can forget about it. Forget that cancer is a disease that spreads to the entire body. You seem to want to give your chest in exchange for life.
Although this emotional state is easy to understand, Dr. Love continues, you must tune in to another. Removing the breast does not mean that your life will return to its former state. Your life will change. And you must understand that it will never be the same. ”