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Renal colic

Occurs with a variety of diseases of the kidneys and ureters (tuberculosis, pyelonephritis, tumors and especially often with kidney stones) as a severe attack of pain in the lumbar region, giving to the groin, genitals and thigh. Very often, pain is accompanied by a sharp increase in urination, increased urination, discoloration of urine, etc. They are caused by overstretching of the renal pelvis and muscle spasm of the ureter when it is blocked with stone, pus.
First aid. To relieve pain, they give a few drops of a 0.1% solution of atropine, tablets of belladonna; well help warmers to the lower back, common warm baths.
It must be remembered that such attacks of pain can also be associated with acute inflammatory disease of the abdominal organs (acute abdomen), in which these activities are absolutely contraindicated - see Acute Abdomen, ch. Surgical diseases.
Perforation of the stomach, duodenum; gall bladder, intestines, esophagus - see Ch.