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Neurological disorders manifest themselves in polyneuritis of varying severity: from weakening reflexes, impaired skin sensitivity to a complete absence of reflexes, muscle atrophy, gross impairment of gait. Korsakov’s psychosis affects both men and women. However, the latter respond better to therapeutic effects. In approximately half of patients, the ability to remember is restored as a result of treatment and the symptoms of polyneuritis are smoothed out. However, the prognosis is more or less favorable only in cases of abstinence from drunkenness and prolonged maintenance therapy. Patients often forget that they were treated, and continue to drink.
The treatment is complex. Mass detoxification and metabolic therapy is carried out using large doses of vitamins B 1, Bb, B 12, C, nootropics (nootropil, piracetam - intravenously, intramuscularly). At the same time, massage, physiotherapy exercises, and physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed for the treatment of polyneuritis. The treatment is long, depending on the severity of the disease and abstinence from alcoholization.