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Relaxing enemas

designed for auxiliary cleansing action for constipation in patients with dense feces, with cramping or lack of normal bowel tone. These include oil, glycerin and hypertonic enemas. Oil and glycerin enemas are preferable for spasms, hypertonic enemas in the absence of normal bowel tone, in patients with edema (cardiac and renal), increased intracranial pressure. With intestinal cramps, a pear-shaped balloon is injected into the rectum (usually at night) with 50-200 ml of sunflower, linseed, hemp or olive oil (or 510 ml of pure glycerin), preheated to a temperature of 37-38 ± С. The effect occurs in 10-12 hours. With a low intestinal tone, 50-100 ml of a heated solution (10% sodium chloride - sodium chloride solution, or 20-30% magnesium sulfate solution) is administered using a pear-shaped balloon. An enema occurs in 20-30 minutes.