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Get to know yourself, gain self-esteem

“How you will feel in adulthood depends most on a healthy lifestyle,” says Marion Hart, MD, a psychoanalyst and professor of psychiatry at the Cornell Medical Center in Westchester, NY. If you have developed such an attitude, it will be much easier for you. If not, much needs to be revised, “rearm”.
A positive attitude is largely determined by a good attitude toward oneself, says Dr. Hart. Know yourself, who you are, what you are, what your virtues are. Make full contacts with friends and relatives, especially with other women. Mature age is a time of mutual enrichment with mutual support. ”
“Surround yourself with loving, good, active people, Dr. Jergen advises. Think about what kind of people you need and take the time to chat with them. Choose friends who would revitalize your life, who want to go forward, do something, live a full life, who, like you, are fascinated by the idea of ​​personal development.
Share your joys with your loved ones and friends, adds Dr. Jergen. Your joy, reflected by others, will increase by a hundred times and immeasurably enrich your life. ”