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Straight to the heart

There is one more advantage of the psychological plan. “Nursing mothers say they feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in doing what is best for the baby,” Walker reports.
And most mothers who have successfully breastfed their babies believe that the time spent on feeding pays off, because the baby looks into your eyes and gives you a smile while you are feeding. “When Terence was about 6 months old, he usually smiled at me, touched my face, and it was then that I began to feel that we had a strong connection between two loving hearts,” says Penny Stevens, a 34-year-old mother who sewed to order at home .
Artificial feeding has some advantages allows you to sleep more and leave home. But it is not always more convenient. It also requires large expenses of up to $ 1,000 per year. Breast milk does not need to be stored at a certain temperature, heated, measured and poured. Although nursing mothers may find it harder to find time to sleep than those who prefer artificial feeding, which may cause a slightly larger number of cases of postpartum depression in the first months after birth among mothers practicing breastfeeding, many women avoid it if try to rest with the child when he is dormant, or if at night they rise only for a short while.