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Tides of volcanic power

If you are one of those women whose menopause has the usual symptoms, the most likely and easy ones will be hot flashes.
Tides, apparently, are associated with a drop in the level of estrogen, as a result of which the biochemistry of the brain processes changes, and there are glitches in the regulation of temperature. The failure of the thermostat of our body is a small gland located in the center of the brain, similar to a malfunction of the home thermostat. The thermostat mistakenly determines that you are cold and turns on the heating. The blood vessels in the skin are signals that cause them to shrink, which leads to an increase in temperature, and you feel the heat. But since in reality you were not cold your body hastily expands blood vessels to cool itself. This causes a rush of blood to the upper part of the body and face, you feel it as a hot wave and excessive sweating.
How strong are the tides? Many women feel a little warmth, accompanied by a few drops of sweat. Other tides can be extremely strong.
Stewardess Clarice Harrell, 46, describes her tides as "a volcano that forms on my head." As for sweat, she says, “I woke up wet to the skin two or three times a night. No wonder I was irritable the next day. ”