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Perforation of the stomach, duodenum, gallbladder, intestines, esophagus

. Perforation of the hollow organ is a serious complication that leads to the development of peritonitis or mediasthenitis (perforation of the esophagus). In such cases, it is necessary to urgently diagnose and surgical treatment, since Not one hour should be lost. Mostly men are prone to perforation.
Most often, perforation of the stomach and duodenum occurs in peptic ulcer. In addition, the cause may be a tumor, a foreign body.
Symptoms and course:
At the moment of perforation, there is a sharp pain in the abdomen ("dagger"), which is localized in the epigastral region (under the spoon) and the right hypochondrium. The patient is pale, the tongue is dry, shortness of breath. Typically, the position of the patient on the side with the knees pulled to the stomach. The abdominal wall is strained, the “board-like” abdomen is characteristic due to the tension of its rectus muscles. On palpation, there is a sharp pain in the upper abdomen more to the right, positive symptoms of peritoneal irritation. These patients are subject to immediate hospitalization and surgical treatment.

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