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Pseudo-dementia (false dementia)

- a condition in which there is a gross, deliberate violation of orientation in the place, time, environment, and self. Patients give ridiculous answers to the simplest questions, and unexpectedly give the correct answer to more complex questions. So, to the question, how many fingers are on the hands, the patient can answer - 7, 15; may also say that he has 3 eyes, 4 legs. He calls black white, winter - summer, instead of a hand he gives his foot. He puts shoes on his hands, puts his feet in the sleeves of his coat. Eats eggs with shell. The patient is confused, goggles. On the face there may be a meaningless smile or, conversely, sorrow and fear. Pseudo-dementia lasts from 1-2 weeks to 2 months, usually until a forensic psychiatric situation is resolved. Memories are sketchy "everything was like in a dream."