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Let yourself guessing

“The issue of medical confidentiality is most related to the individual wishes of clients, says Dr. Vitali-Louis. There are people who do not want at least one person to know about their cosmetic surgery. One woman who removed excess fat from her thighs terribly liked that the women who were doing aerobics with her could not understand what was happening. Even after a lot of comments about how great she looks, she didn’t tell anyone that her appearance wasn’t the result of hard-working aerobics.
But there are others who cannot remain silent. Right here, in the waiting room, they pull up their blouses to show their new breasts, it doesn't matter if they become more or less. ”
“Most often, people around you are unaware that you have performed cosmetic surgery, adds Dr. Gerber. Even if you have greatly changed the other nose, the skin of the face is tightened, the skin around the eyes, ie changes have occurred in the most conspicuous place, people do not notice it. You may be asked if you have changed your hairstyle or, incidentally, did not do your makeup differently. You may be told: “You look rested, have you been on vacation?”
Michelle says that she herself mentioned her nose to several women with whom she worked together. “They were amazed that the nose seemed to remain the same and at the same time has changed a lot. No one noticed or made any comment, ”she says.
“If you are one of those people who find it easier to publish your bank account than admit that you had cosmetic surgery, you need to take care that there are no curious people around,” writes Dr. Morgan in his book. However, remember that you have nothing to be ashamed of and no need to explain your actions.
Try this strategy:
Ignore the question. Look icy eyes, if you are not afraid of offending a person who offends you.
Answer a question with a question. If you are asked: “Did you actually tighten your skin?” Answer: “Where did you hear it?” Or “Why does this interest you?”
Use humor. “In this case, the case is unlikely to reach a skirmish if you want to avoid it,” says Dr. Morgan. If someone asks you, is it true that you have corrected your nose, for example, you can answer: “What is it you? Do you confuse me with a piece of art? ”
Behave evasively, use vague terminology. “Do not use the words“ surgery ”or“ surgery, ”say, for example,“ correction, ”advises Dr. Morgan. If you tightened the skin of your face, you can say that you have undergone a course of treatment due to “muscle weakness”.