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Early diagnosis can save your breasts

“Breast self-testing may allow early detection of a tumor, which may mean less disfiguring surgery,” says Dr. Love. The difference may be more or less interfering with the removal of the nodes or even between the removal of the nodes and the mastectomy. ”
Although early diagnosis is very important, you should know that whether you find a tumor this month or the next does not play a big role. “Usually, mammary gland tumors grow slowly,” explains Dr. Love. And some of them are very insidious. They do not manifest themselves until they are large enough, as there should be enough cancer cells for the body to react to surround the cancer cells with fibrous, similar to connective tissue, which we feel when we feel. Unfortunately, the knowledge that you have “missed” a tumor is a source of unjustified guilt. It often seems to a woman that she has missed something obvious, whereas it is not so. ”