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(soft chancre, venereal ulcer). Isolated cases of this disease noted in our country are associated with the importation of infection from abroad. The main route of infection is sexual. The causative agent is streptobacillus, which is easily detected by microscopic examination of exudate from ulcers. Pus of soft chancre at room temperature retains infectivity up to 8 days. The incubation period of a chancroid in men is more often equal to 2-3 days, in rare cases it reaches 2-3 weeks. In women, this period is longer: up to 2-3 weeks. It is characterized by the appearance of peculiar festering ulcers with a soft base, prone to inoculation on the genitals.
3-4 weeks after the formation of ulcers, their bottom begins to clear of pus, granulations appear and after 1-2 months the process ends with scarring. Immunity after chancroid does not remain. The disease can be complicated by damage to the lymphatic system, as well as the development of phimosis and paraphimosis. Chancroid should be differentiated from chancroid, herpes simplex and other diseases.