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It is a very serious injury in which crush of muscles, subcutaneous fatty tissue, blood vessels and nerves occurs. These damages are caused by high pressure (wall, beam, earth) during the collapse, earthquake, etc. Compression is accompanied by the development of shock and further intoxication.
First aid. Immediately after release from severity, to prevent poisonous decomposition products from crushed extremities from entering the body, put the harnesses as close as possible to the base of the extremities, similar to stopping arterial bleeding, overlapping the limbs with ice-cold blisters or cloth moistened with cold water; damaged limbs are fixed with tires. To prevent shock, the patient should be warmly wrapped, give vodka, wine, hot coffee or tea, painkillers and heart remedies.
The patient is subject to immediate transportation to the hospital in the prone position (see Chapter. Surgical diseases, Traumatic compression).