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If a hysterectomy does not suit you, what other options are possible?
“It depends on what's wrong with you,” explains Ruth Schwartz, MD, from New York. Hysterectomy cannot be replaced with anything. But, if you have leiomyoma, prolapse of the uterus or other female problems of this kind, when hysterectomy is not needed, although it is often done in these cases, various options for medical intervention are possible. "
“To use the best option for you, you need to find a good doctor. When you have doubts about the diagnosis or the recommended operation, do not hesitate to contact another specialist for another opinion or to re-take the study to clarify the diagnosis. To avoid a hysterectomy, when it is not necessary, before you meet with the doctor, arm yourself with information. Read books, look for a woman who has already had surgery (or a hysterectomy, or a more benign alternative operation), contact support groups, review medical literature. And then talk about all this with your doctor, recommends Nora W. Coffey, this is a way of working with a doctor, not antagonism. ”
When making a decision, keep everything under control. Collect comprehensive information about your disease, consider possible treatment options, their pros and cons.