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Sepsis of the mouth

The name of the condition when a person feels unwell for a long period of time, fatigue, increased sweating, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance. In addition, pain may occur in the heart, increased heart rate, increased nervousness, headache, etc. Due to the mild manifestations of the disease, patients get used to this condition and find ways and means to adapt to it (painkillers, tonic, etc.), reassuring yourself and considering such a condition the norm.
However, as indicated in the section "Periodontitis", these manifestations are associated with the presence of a chronic inflammatory process at the apex of the roots of sometimes many teeth. Bacteria, tissue breakdown products and toxins, penetrating into the body, poison, change their sensitivity, reactivity to many factors (infection, cooling, trauma, overwork, etc.). Causal relationships are very complex, a qualified doctor can navigate them, you should not rely on self-medication, since the consequences can be the most unexpected and complicate the provision of medical care.