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Schizoid type

Persons of this type are distinguished by isolation, secrecy, isolation from reality, a tendency to internal processing of their experiences, dryness and coldness in relations with loved ones. Schizoid psychopaths are characterized by emotional disharmony: a combination of increased sensitivity, vulnerability, sensitivity - and emotional coldness and estrangement from people ("wood and glass"). Such a person is estranged from reality, his life is aimed at maximum self-satisfaction without striving for fame and material well-being. His hobbies are unusual, original, "non-standard." Among them are many people involved in art, music, and theoretical sciences. In life, they are usually called cranks, originals. Their judgments about people are categorical, unexpected and even unpredictable. At work, they are often uncontrollable, because work on the basis of their own ideas about values ​​in life. However, in certain areas where artistic extravagance and giftedness, non-standard thinking, symbolism are required, they can achieve much. They do not have constant attachments, family life usually does not add up due to a lack of common interests.
However, they are ready for self-sacrifice for the sake of some abstract concepts, imaginary ideas. Such a person may be completely indifferent to a sick mother, but at the same time he will call for assistance to the starving on the other side of the world.
For schizoid individuals, passivity and inactivity in solving everyday problems is combined with ingenuity, enterprise, and perseverance in achieving goals that are especially significant for them (for example, scientific work, collecting).