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Hidden temptation

The threat to your union may come from where you least expect it, despite the fact that you are happy and don't notice anything. Relationships that are not even sexual “we are just friends at work” can have a devastating effect on the marriage, says Dr. Kaslow.
“I observed this on people who studied together,” she says. They constantly communicate and deepen their relationship, which over time develops into a friendship rich in shades. With fellow therapists, they speak on more serious topics than with spouses. Even if the relationship does not turn into sexual, even if it is not a “connection”, each of them has a feeling of the possibility of such a connection. The other spouse feels this, begins to be jealous, antagonism appears. ”
“If you begin to feel attracted to someone that is becoming dangerous, Dr. Kaslow warns, you need to establish the scope of your relationship and not go beyond it. If you feel that you can go beyond and destroy your marriage and you do not want this, you should stop. ”
This does not mean that you should break all deep friendships. Friendship plays an important role in our lives. But you need to be careful that such friendship does not worsen your relationship with your spouse and does not reduce its importance to you.
To keep the relationship honest and sincere, do not let the little things grow into big troubles.
“If a problem arises, talk about it, Dr. Lauer advises. Regularly monitor the appearance of clouds on the horizon. The relationship between you is the most important. Watch them. ”
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