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Dr. Whitemore believes that 50 percent of incontinence cases are completely cured, significant improvement is achieved in 30 percent, the rest subsequently experience less inconvenience. It is necessary to establish the cause of the incontinence and select the appropriate treatment. Often, eliminating the underlying cause leads to a cure for incontinence.
The measures described in this chapter under the heading “Self-help techniques for those who have a weak bladder” can be of great benefit. “They are worth trying to use them,” says Dr. Bergio. Helps training using biofeedback, when using electric sensors to determine changes in body temperature, muscle tension. In more serious cases, drugs and even minor surgery are offered. Surgery is successful in 90 percent of cases.
“Doctors usually start with the most conservative methods, says Dr. Whitemore, and if they do not help, they move on to more radical ones. The most important thing is that your doctor correctly assess the problem and discuss with you what treatment is right for you. ”