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Drooling pregnant

It can manifest as independent toxicosis, as well as with vomiting of pregnant women, especially indomitable. The amount of saliva secreted is moderate or significant. In the first case, it depresses the psyche, but the condition of the patient is not noticeably reflected. When expressed, when the solvation reaches 1 liter or even more, matsotherapy of the skin and mucous membrane of the lips occurs, appetite decreases, well-being worsens, the patient loses weight, sleep is disturbed; due to significant signs of dehydration fluid loss appear.
Conducted mainly according to the rules adopted in relation to the treatment of vomiting.
It is preferable in a hospital setting, where drugs are prescribed that regulate the functions of the nervous system, and general strengthening (vitamins, glucose), which contribute to the elimination of concomitant diseases. It is recommended to rinse the mouth with infusion of sage, chamomile, menthol solution. With severe salivation, you can use atropine at 0.0005 g 2 times a day. To prevent skin irritation, the face is lubricated with petroleum jelly. Salivation is usually treatable and after recovery, pregnancy proceeds normally.
The term of pregnancy and childbirth (definition) see Pregnancy.