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First, you can reduce the size of the fibroids, and then operate them

Even if you have large fibroids, you can still benefit from the benefits that microsurgery provides. Discuss this possibility with your doctor. A new class of drugs, RH agonists (gonadotropic hormone), if taken for several months, can give such a decrease (shrinkage) of fibroids, which will allow to avoid extensive abdominal surgery.
These drugs block the production of female hormone estrogen by the ovaries. And since leiomyomas are estrogen-dependent tumors, they shrink, usually decreasing in size by 40-50 percent. “These drugs also reduce the blood supply to the uterus, Dr. Schwartz notes, so there is less blood loss in myomectomy.”
“If you are at an age when menopause is approaching, taking one of these drugs can help you avoid surgery altogether,” says Dr. Burton. By the time you finish a course of treatment, the natural decrease in estrogen production in your body can be completed. Since these drugs cause artificial menopause, they can be used for about six months. ”
After stopping medication, estrogen production increases, fibroids begin to grow again, usually within six months. It will not matter if you want to reduce the size of the nodes so that you can resort to microsurgery.