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Release tension

Daily life requires a lot of energy from us. Especially if you are a wife and mother and also still working. Having exhausted energy reserves, you are experiencing insurmountable fatigue.
Not all types of stress leave a feeling of emotional emptiness, doctors say. This is a special kind of stress when you have no choice. A classic example of this kind of stress is a situation where a woman should do the same work. She has a strict boss, whom she cannot contradict. She has to do the same job day after day. Nothing depends on it. She may have a family that needs her, so after returning home she has a lot more to do. She feels trapped in her duties.
Something can be done to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue caused by stress.
Consult a doctor or stress specialist to learn relaxation techniques. You will need only 10-15 minutes to master it. Use this technique, twice a day arranging yourself 10-15-minute breaks in the work. If you do relaxation exercises, focusing on your feelings, it will help you get rid of the constant feeling of tension.


Fatigue can also be a symptom of physical illness. After all possible sources of non-medical property fatigue have been considered, your doctor will probably want to conduct a series of studies to find out if there is any other cause of fatigue.
Fatigue is the number one symptom for a number of diseases peculiar to women. For menstruating women, iron deficiency anemia, for example, is common. Thyroid disease can cause significant fatigue.
“Many diseases cause fatigue, warns Dr. Buhwald. Therefore, if you cannot complain that your lifestyle is bad for you, go to the doctor, regardless of whether you feel sick or not! ”
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