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Back in the saddle

“Loneliness can play a positive role if it heals, rather than inflicts wounds,” the doctor notes. So it was with Margaret. “The year I lived in solitude was a year of very quiet life, she recalls. I did what I wanted, went where I wanted. A whole year without emotional shocks is wonderful. ”
Loneliness is usually not a permanent condition. “Women resume sex life when they find a reason for this, says Dr. Barbach. When they feel they are able to control their lives and relationships. When they know that they will not become toys in the hands of other people who use them and throw them away. When they are able to decide what they want from the connection, and when they want to have it. ”
Margaret absolutely knew that she did not want to have an intimate relationship, until a close friendship was established between her and her chosen one. “I didn’t need the illusion of intimacy, as I had before. I needed real intimacy. ” And she found her. Two years later, she married. She now has two children.