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Dieting: what works

In recent years, researchers are interested in why some people manage to lose weight and not gain weight again. Professor Rosemary Johnson, Ph.D., from the University of Southern Maine, spent 200 hours watching and talking to people losing weight on a well-known program in order to find the secrets of their success.
She found that people who were able to lose weight and maintain their new weight, realized that they not only change their appearance, they change their lives. The weight loss program was more than just a diet, a few hours of physical activity, and a support group visit. This was a gradual restructuring of their lives.
The women with whom she spoke talked a lot and tried to find in themselves what they needed to achieve their goals. “Each found its own solution,” says Dr. Johnson. They were looking for a strategy that was good only for them, and not clutching at other people's ideas. After all, if you take advantage of ready-made recipes, and they do not work, you will have the feeling that you have failed. Several women with whom I had to.
They realized the role that overeating played in their lives, and tried to understand what other functions, besides satisfying hunger, served for them food. These women put themselves in the first place, ceasing to worry or feel guilty because in the first place they do what they need themselves, and only then they think about others. They changed their ideas about success and failure, they stopped believing that they could succeed only with impeccable appearance. They rejoiced in each of their little luck (regardless of whether it was accompanied by weight loss or not) and refused to consider small digressions a failure.
They recognized that the skills and skills they acquire should remain with them for life, because only in this way can they maintain a normal weight. “They redefined themselves as normal-weight people,” says Dr. Johnson.