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Special methods of research in the prenatal period

The doctor suspected that the child whom Gloria Higgs carried was not developing quite normally. “Everything in me broke off, recalls Gloria, who at the time was 36 years old. The diagnosis, intrauterine growth retardation, sounded very frightening. ”
The doctor, who had Gloria, sent her to a nearby university hospital, where there was a department for pregnant women. Here she did an ultrasound. Ultrasound echography, which uses high-frequency sound waves, allows you to observe an image of a fetus making movements in the womb. This method of research is very widely used in obstetrics, ranging from determining the age of the fetus to the detection of deviations and the direction of the needle when taking a sample in order to clarify the diagnosis.
“I did not dare to look at the screen, Gloria admits. But when I looked, I felt that I was covered by an indescribable feeling of joy. I saw my child. He made movements with arms and legs, similar to those that children make in order to throw off the blanket. Until now, he was just a thought to me. Now he has become a real child. ”
For Gloria, acquaintance with special research methods ended with joyful experiences. Although the study showed that the child is somewhat smaller than the average size, nothing threatening was found. Doctors advised her to periodically repeat the ultrasound, and she happily agreed. She began to treat her hospital visits as “meeting with a child”.

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