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The name combines diseases of the oral mucosa of various origins and manifestations. The reason that caused it may be local and general. Local is associated with the participation of the direct factor - trauma, chemical, thermal, radiation exposure, and as a result of which reddening, erosion, and ulcer occur on the mucous membrane.
It is reduced to the elimination of the cause and rinsing of the oral cavity with an anti-septic solution. Recovery usually occurs after 7 days. However, individual forms have a peculiarity to repeat after a certain period of time, for example, to occur in the spring and winter periods of the year. Others develop when taking a certain food (oranges, strawberries, etc.) or medicinal substances (sulfonamides, antibiotics, etc.). Special attention should be paid to prostheses, the sharp edges of the teeth, which, by creating conditions for constant long-lasting irritation, can thereby cause a tumor process of the mucous membrane.
The most common causes of stomatitis are common diseases. Among them: infectious (measles, scarlet fever, chicken pox, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.), allergies, intoxication, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, endocrine, blood, etc. Often their first signs appear on the mucous membrane of the cavity mouth Therefore, when a site of redness, erosion, ulcers, cracks occurs on it, consultation of both a therapist and a dentist is necessary. To rely on self-medication is more than frivolous.
The following hygienic measures are shown: cleaning the teeth, polysoric solutions of boric acid, manganese acid potassium, furatsilina, hydrogen peroxide. Acceptance of any drugs inside without a doctor's prescription is unacceptable. Food should be liquid, not annoying.
Establishing the connection of stomatitis with a common disease will allow starting its treatment. At the same time, against the background of an improvement in overall well-being, normalization of the condition of the oral mucosa is inevitable. Copting dates for the restoration of its integrity range from 10 to 20-25 days. The lack of a tendency to healing gives cause for concern and mandatory detailed research with the aim of excluding the oncological nature of education.