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Able to handle

Raped in childhood, without a doubt, are psychologically injured. When studying two groups of women who managed to cope with the incest injury (the study was carried out by Judith Herman, MD, Diane Russell, Ph.D., and Karen Troki, Ph.D.), most of the respondents said that what happened was very hard on them, but about half of the women said that at the moment they feel recovered from their experiences.
Indeed, some women manage to pass through the test, they find new strengths in themselves. “Many of those who have managed to cope with the trauma are making great strides in life and then everything is going well for them,” says Revir. They feel ashamed, and one way to get rid of it is to be able to achieve something. "
Healing is often slow. Even if they have a very attentive and sympathetic doctor, many women can benefit greatly from visiting self-help groups such as the Anonymous Incest Victims who Managed to Survive, or the Alcoholics Anonymous visited by Jesse. “I go to these groups because this is one way not to remain isolated,” she says. It helped me a lot that I recognized there men who were also victims of rape. I saw that they experience the same pain and are as vulnerable as I am. Among people like me, I acknowledge that, despite what happened, I was able to return to life. "