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Dates and dates

Here's a scene that may be playing right now somewhere in the neighborhood.
YOUNG MAN: Let's meet again tomorrow night.
GIRL: Honey, we met yesterday, today we spent the whole evening together.
GIRL: Okay, I agree.
YOUNG MAN: May I kiss you goodbye?
“AIDS has, perhaps, more than anything else, changed the familiar pattern of dating in the 90s, says Judith Sills, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist practicing in Philadelphia. Women began to agree on intimate relationships, at least after four dates. ”
In those days, when AIDS had not yet been heard, there was a fashion for free love, and a woman, if she so wanted, could allow intimate intimacy in the first hour of dating. “Before AIDS and herpes, a woman could have sexual intercourse on the first or second date,” says Dr. Sills. Today, most women prefer not to rush and do not go to bed with a man until they know him better for one month or two. ”
Venereal diseases, figuratively speaking, pull on your panties. In the 90s, dating is chosen with greater caution.

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