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As good a girl as you

“Sometimes, she says, one has only to break out of love, and marital status, moral considerations do not stop. Many, many women find that the man of your dreams has already been taken, but the power of attraction is so strong that the old prohibitions on love with a married man do not work. Your desire to be loved is sometimes stronger than this taboo, Dr. Bitner continues. And this desire for love, like the ban on love, always goes alongside. ”
There are other very prosaic reasons why women find themselves in connection with a married man. In her book, The New Another Woman, Ohio State University sociology professor Laurel Richardson writes that current demographics, cultural trends, and realities are pushing for unlawful relationships. Statistics show that for a number of reasons, the number of single men is decreasing, creating, according to Dr. Richardson, "a striking shortage of men for single women over 27 years old." “At the same time, she observes, society requires that a woman, if she wants to be considered“ normal, ”be part of a heterosexual couple. Given the existing demographic restrictions, she writes, many single women who set out to find a mate have to achieve this in a way that is not approved by society. ”
“For objective reasons, Dr. Richardson observes, two groups of women are particularly inclined to look for“ heterosexual relationships ”in the arms of someone else’s husband: older women,“ suitable ”men for whom are likely to be already employed (among single women over 55 About 45 percent of those who have remained sexually active have a relationship with a married man), and women engaged in their careers who have come to the conclusion that they have enough free time only for this kind of relationship, that is, “fish without fish and cancer.”