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Learn to save

Martindale asked her clients to calculate the means they had in order to get a more accurate picture of their finances. “Many women shudder at the thought of this,” she notes. In part, this is because they are afraid to discover something that will deprive them of their sense of well-being, not to mention the immediate feeling of financial insecurity. “Many people joke that they have nothing to worry about. But they often find that they have more than they thought, ”continues Martindale.
She also points out that even married women are usually a little intimidated when it comes to financial calculations, it’s difficult for them to understand a lot if they don’t have experience. “Even if a wife deals with bills every day and considers herself well-versed in matters of family finances, her husband traditionally makes all decisions about the placement of funds,” Martindale says. She creates the illusion that she is in charge of money, while the real ability to manage money involves long-term planning. ”
Martindale also asks women to test their attitude to money, in part to determine if there is a psychological obstacle in their minds that prevents them from starting a savings program. To understand their attitude to money, she asks them to complete sentences of this type: “Money for me is ...” or “With the thought that I am responsible for my own financial support in the future, I ...”
She also asks them to think about what they are spending money on, and to track expenses in two to three months so that it can be concluded whether everything is spent on current needs without thinking about tomorrow or everything is saved for later and nothing is left to get pleasure today.
She advises starting an early-age savings program as early as possible. An expert in financial planning can provide invaluable assistance in developing such a program, but you need to find someone with whom you can do business. “First you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of doing business so that you can participate in the development of a placement strategy. You do not need to initiate anyone else, ”she says.
And do not assume that you have too little money to start making savings. It makes sense to save even 10 dollars a month. For 25 years at an interest rate of only 5.25 per month, these monthly 10 dollars will give you 6193 dollars. If the interest rate is equal to 10, then you will be 11,295 dollars.
“Follow the old rule of“ pay yourself first, ”Martindale advises.