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Are you at risk of becoming addicted?

Use this questionnaire developed by the American Association of Holistic Physicians and determine if you are at risk.
Do you have the feeling that you are never fit?
Is not all the pleasure that you get from life focused on only one (food, alcohol, drugs) or one type of activity (sex, sports, work)?
Are you critical of yourself?
Can it be said about you that in the eyes of other people you look strong, self-satisfied and controlling your actions (but you know that this is not so)?
Do you avoid conflicts?
Do you feel powerless in many areas of life?
Do you often feel responsible for the behavior of other people?
Do you have difficulties when you want to get to know each other and have an intimate relationship?
The experts who developed the questionnaire believe that you are at great risk of falling into the number of addicts if you answer “yes” to five or more questions. Contact a group of anonymous alcoholics or drug addicts for information or consult a general practitioner for advice and advice.