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Retirement can cause psychological stress and, if the woman is married, affect

her marriage “Knowing what you come across will help you solve problems,” notes Dr. Lytvyn.
For example, ask yourself what you will do when, as one witty woman puts it, you will have “two times less money and two times more husband”. Newspaper columns are filled with letters from women whose husbands who have left work are annoyingly confused under their feet. “When a husband leaves work, he loses social contact and becomes more dependent on his wife,” says Dr. Lytvyn. He is losing the foundation on which his supremacy was held, and his wife can be his only audience. ”
Ask yourself if you are ready to quit your job at the same time that your husband did. “It happens that the husband is already ready to retire, and the woman is still full of enthusiasm and passionate about work, says Dr. Lytvyn. Women live longer, so sometimes they even don’t want to part with work even at 65 years old. ”


If you have no other interests besides work, a husband and a family, having retired, you will most likely feel emptiness, not joy.
“The more interests you have, the better for you,” notes Dr. Lytvyn. People who are waiting for retirement see this as an opportunity to do what they like. ”
Consider this point in your backup plan, plan B, if for any reason plan A is not destined to happen. Dr. Lytvyn says that she has seen a difference in the lives of older women who have interests outside their home and who do not have them. “I had a patient who divorced after seventy. Her husband was her job. She planned her entire day based on his needs. He was the organizer of her life. Gradually, life after a divorce, she improved, because she had something to do, the loss was not felt so hard. But I knew a woman of the same age whose husband died when she too was over seventy. All her life she was dependent, both in childhood and in two marriages. Deprived of her usual activities, she fell into severe depression. She did not have the reserves that the first patient had. ”