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Facial skin care to prevent acne

Since acne is a chronic disease, you need to regularly monitor your skin in order to prevent the formation of sebaceous plugs, clogging the pores, and reproduction under the plugs of bacteria causing acne. This means that the pores must be thoroughly cleaned. Doctors recommend treating the skin with a soft cloth or hands, while using a mild soap. You can not rub the skin roughly, while it is irritated and its condition may worsen. The doctor, for example, advised Julie to use a lotion containing salicylic acid, which helps cleanse pores from plugs without much effort.
To prevent the emergence of new formations and prevent the increase in the already formed blackheads, use an antibacterial lotion containing benzene peroxide. And do not forget the medicines that mask the “active” blackheads and dry them.
Julie says that she tried everything, including retin-A and antibiotics, and eventually found a complex that helped her to practically always keep her skin in good condition, preventing the appearance of blackheads. She washed her face twice a day with mild soap and used a lotion containing salicylic acid, and at night she smeared her face with a cream that contains benzene peroxide.
“This skin treatment combined with self-control techniques in stressful situations allowed me to get rid of acne,” she says. And the result is worth the effort. Now I can wear hairstyles that do not cover my face, sometimes I just pull my hair back. My skin is in excellent condition, just a peach and cream. ”