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Anatomy lesson

Women are very vulnerable to this infection due to their anatomy. Short paths from the rectum to the vagina and urethra (the opening leading to the bladder) are easily overcome by bacteria. As long as they do not penetrate the body, they are harmless. But once these usually harmless microorganisms (most often E-coli) get into the urethra or the bladder, they turn into pathogens. Worse still, they take root there and begin to breed.
Symptoms of burning and pain during urination inevitably increase, frequent urination. There may even be an admixture of blood in the urine. There is pain in the lower abdomen, aching back or sides.
If you have ever had cystitis, you know that its manifestations cause so many inconveniences that they cannot be ignored. And this is good. If urinary tract infections are not treated, the infection will reach the kidneys, and this is fraught with very serious consequences.