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Occurs from a blow with a blunt object and is accompanied by hemorrhage into deep-lying tissues (bruise). To reduce hemorrhage and pain, cold is applied to the hurt place or cold lotions are applied. After 1-2 minutes, the heated napkins change. Lead lotions work well. If the skin has abrasions, you should not wet the bruised place. It must first be tied up with sterile material and only then a bubble with ice, snow, water should be put on top. Bruises do not need to be smeared with iodine solution, as this causes an even greater rush of blood. It is permissible to lubricate only minor skin lesions - scratches, abrasions to prevent their suppuration. After lotions, if there is no suspicion of a bone fracture, a pressure bandage is applied and the bruised part of the body provides complete rest. The arm is suspended on a sling, and the leg is given a horizontal position.
If the bruises of the soft tissues of the body cause only pain and a moderate limitation of the movements of the extremities, then the bruises of the internal organs (brain, liver, lungs, kidneys) can lead to serious disorders in the whole body (see sections - Contusions, Injuries, Damages Ch. Nervous diseases).