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Success does not come immediately

Do not expect that everything will change overnight. Not necessarily everything will go easy. “Unfortunately, Sanford notes, demeaning yourself is considered very feminine. However, in not loving myself, I do not see nobility. ”
In truth, sometimes you need to blow your own horn about yourself. A little sincere boasting will do no harm to anyone. If the very thought of this terrifies you, you do not want to seem vain or selfish, start by learning to accept compliments. “Many women experience discomfort when they are praised, says Linda Dunlap, Ph.D., a psychology teacher from New York State. The best answer to a compliment is not confusion, not denial, not words, that you have not done anything special, she teaches. It should be simple: “Thank you.”
Proclaim a moratorium on negative perception. Consider mistakes and failures as the cost of gaining experience, and not as proof that you are not able to do it. “Instead of blaming yourself, Dr. Dunlap suggests, look at things in a different light, for example:“ I learned something. Next time I will do my best and accept any result, whatever it may be; then I can at least say to myself: I did everything I could. ”
And you also need to understand that what you have done, no matter how good it is, will never be the height of perfection. Nobody's perfect. Therefore, lower the bar of your expectations to the real level. "It is important, experts warn, to do everything possible, and not to reach the top of the possible." “Otherwise, Sanford remarks, you will become one of those who come to low self-esteem because they are afraid of low self-esteem.”
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