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Waiting for results

The most difficult time is the period between the detection of a suspicious tumor and the result of a biopsy. “This is a fear of the unknown, says Dr. Lougan-Yang. And even the fact that only one biopsy of seven shows cancer cannot comfort, because it is difficult to get rid of the thought that you will be one of the seven. ”
For Annette, waiting time was the longest week of her life. “The results of the biopsy should be known after a long weekend on the occasion of Memorial Day,” she said. My husband and I went to the shop, where we rented more than a dozen videos of thrillers, comedies, adventures, and fiction, all but sad, making you cry. Maybe you won't believe me, but these days I was able to laugh, I managed to forget for several hours in a row. True, at night I woke up and drew myself pictures of a possible future illness, pain, disfigured figure, maybe death. I didn’t want my life to change. I did not want to face death. I was not ready. "