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Dropsy gallbladder, testicles

The accumulation of fluid in the cavity of the gallbladder or between the membranes of the testicle.
Catarrhal forms of acute cholecystitis can often be cured therapeutically (see Chap. Internal Diseases). In cases when there is a blockage of the cystic duct, an inflammatory gallbladder edema develops. At the same time, the gallbladder is tense, filled with a clear, light liquid ("white bile"), takes a pear-shaped or cucumber-like shape. In the future, the microflora after an acute attack dies, as a result of which the aqueous fluid becomes sterile.
Apply x-ray and ultrasound, laparoscopy.
In the absence of contraindications - prompt. In elderly, debilitated patients, puncture and drainage of the gallbladder under the control of a laparoscope and ultrasound can be used.