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Inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity

For the inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity is characterized by a sharp tension of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and pain when feeling the abdomen in the area of ​​the inflamed organ. As a rule, Shchetkin-Blumberg symptom is detected. This is one of the brightest and constant signs of peritoneal inflammation. Check it as follows. The researcher gently and slowly presses his hand on the anterior abdominal wall and then quickly withdraws his hand. A symptom is considered positive if the patient has a sharp pain at the moment of taking the hand. When intra-abdominal bleeding, along with symptoms of acute anemia (pallor, weakness, dizziness, cold sweat, weak rapid pulse, low blood pressure), there is some tension of the abdominal muscles, pain on palpation.
If a patient with one of the acute inflammatory diseases of the abdominal organs is not provided with timely assistance, then peritonitis develops (see Chapter Surgical diseases).
First aid. The main task is immediate transportation to the surgical hospital. Before that, create a patient rest, put a bladder with ice or cold water on the stomach. It can not be fed, watered, put cleansing enemas, flush the stomach, give laxatives, as this may contribute to the spread of the inflammatory process. The introduction of drugs and painkillers is strictly prohibited in order not to obscure the clinical picture, which can lead to inappropriate treatment.