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The rise of myth

Not only doctors have a large share of responsibility for the emergence of the myth that women are less susceptible to heart disease. The press and advertising also contributed. Remember the commercials on television. A very typical advertisement for healthy fats. The wife tells how she protects her husband from heart disease by cooking him low-cholesterol food. Conclusion? Only the husband is at risk. She does everything necessary for him but not for her own good.
“Women are not offered to think about themselves because of the risk of developing heart disease,” says Nancy Norwell, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the University of Tampa, Florida. This men require attention. For women, the word "cancer" is heard. In a television melodrama, the heroine develops ovarian cancer, because it will cause a greater response in the female audience than heart disease. Women are constantly misled, and they deceive themselves, believing that they are somewhat protected from heart disease because they are women. ”