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Everything is so familiar

Of course, feeling normal is normal. Everybody gets tired. Normal fatigue happens after you ride 50 miles on a bicycle. Normal fatigue happens if you get up to a sick child five times at night. Normal fatigue happens after a busy day. And normal fatigue disappears after a good night's sleep.
On the other hand, it’s not normal if you feel tired just waking up or picking up mail after walking to the mailbox. It’s not normal if you need to relax before you take up such a simple job as carpet cleaning. And it’s completely abnormal to live with a feeling of fatigue week after week, no matter how much you relax.
Nevertheless, fatigue has become a life partner for many Americans. Doctors listen to a lot of complaints of fatigue. One study showed that 28 percent of women and 19 percent of men, when visiting doctors, complained that fatigue for a month or more was their number one problem.
What are the most common reasons women develop a "I'm-too-tired-to-do" state? That's what the experts say.


Whether you are on a diet or not, you should eat if you do not want to be blown away by the wind. It’s just that many varieties of restrictive diets, as well as fad diets, can make you feel tired.
Since diets do not provide a balanced diet, they can turn your muscle mass into gruel. After a short time, muscle tissue is not able to efficiently process calcium, as shown by the results of a study conducted at the University of Toronto. If you follow such a diet, your body will not be able to function normally. The processes in it are slowed down, energy is saved due to the fact that your activity decreases.
To choose the right diet from the very beginning, observing which you will feel healthy and alert, remember the following basic rules recommended by doctors and nutritionists.
Eat varied. Avoid diets that force you to live on one particular type of food, such as grapefruit. We need a variety of nutrients from different types of food. No food can provide all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.
Women should consume at least 1200 calories per day. According to nutrition experts at Stanford University, you cannot get all the nutrients you need if you consume fewer calories. Diets that provide less than 800 calories can lead to tearing of the heart muscle.
In addition, you should not eat much at night. You cannot burn these calories before going to bed, as is usually the case when you have dinner at an earlier time.
Do not skip the next meal, you only get hungry later. When you finally eat food, you are likely to eat more than usual.