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You make it all up

And when women do have chest pain, doctors respond to their complaints that they have nothing serious. When Dr. Harz’s mother went to the local hospital’s emergency room for chest pains, she was sent home with several painkillers, which later turned into a heart attack. The next day, she ended up in the intensive care unit of a cardiology hospital.
“Women often delay visiting a doctor when they have chest pain,” says Dr. Norwell. Partly because they adopted the myth that women are not affected by heart disease; This primarily applies to young women. But also because doctors mislead them, assuring that these phenomena are neurotic in nature. ” One study showed that women are twice as likely as men to have symptoms of cardiac dysfunction associated with a mental disorder or other causes unrelated to heart function.
“If a man’s chest pains are not related to heart disease, it’s never occurred to anyone to brand him for it,” continues Dr. Norwell. It is generally accepted that it is natural for a man to take care of his heart. ”