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The protective effect of birth control pills

Although the relationship between oral contraceptives and breast cancer is not fully understood, studies have shown that these drugs protect women from other types of cancer.
Scientists report that women taking oral contraceptives are 40 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, and, at least in the case of ovarian cancer, the protective effect lasts for 15 years or more after the pills have been taken.
Moreover, the longer you take the pills, the higher the degree of protection. For women who took pills for 4 years or less, the risk of ovarian cancer is reduced by 30 percent. For women who took these pills for 6-11 years, the risk is reduced by 60 percent. And, believe it or not, taking contraceptives for 12 years or more reduces this risk, all 80 percent.
The protective effect of oral contraceptives is so great that one of the researchers has calculated: 2,000 cases of endometrial cancer and 1,700 cases of ovarian cancer are prevented per year.
However, the protective effect of the pills is not limited to protection against cancer. If the researchers are not mistaken, every year the use of birth control pills prevents 51,000 cases of organ diseases in the pelvic region, 27,000 cases of iron deficiency anemia, 20,000 benign breast tumors, 9,900 ectopic pregnancies and 3,000 ovarian cysts.