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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Model of diffuse theory

The essence of the price model of the test is in the analysis of the process of differentiation, in the context of the readiness of people to innovation.

To the thought of the American intercessor E. Rogers [109], at the bottom of the step there are new ideas and goods to violate the group of people:

1. Innovators (2.5%), like shyplyuyut "abstract" ideas, ком mobile and communal, cramped to the edge.

2. Early adoption (13.5%), such as song authority and influence in suspension.

3. Early development (34%), who should accept new ideas before acquiring them from the cross-country population. The group is often associated with the thought of the front group (leader).

4. Пізня більшість (34%) є skeptically tuned and sprayed more recently, since average statistical populists even sprinted at prices.

5. Пізні Accepting (6%) консерв by traditionalists and conservatives, who should wait a bit to get new to the stay.

From now on, the diffusion of new ideas is uneven in the lower segments of suspension.

To the thought of E. Rogers, in order to reach a propaganda campaign, about 50% of the population is talking about your ideas. As much as 5% of the population has come to you to reconcile, respect, scho "process pishov". And for the minds reached 20% of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign "processes" it’s too impotent to be occupied. When tsomu doslednik vvavav, schcho:

• the flow of the important є mizhobosistіsna komunіkatsіya among people of the same age and social groups;

• propaganda of government officials є ineffective;

• the availability of communal dzherel often visits and success campaigns;

• mas-media can’t change the behavior of people іz molded earlier point of dawn.

Mechanically transfer the typology at once from percent to percentage of the social groups for the criterion of innovation to the Ukrainian Union. I want to protect the Ukrainian mentality and the suspiciously historical accession of the Ukrainian people on the basis of the thesis "Ukrainian harnessing, that shvidko go," diffusion theory of E. Rogers merit at the remnant of civil society.

Bramnik model

The author of the model is є Відомий American American doklіdnik Kurt Levіn, a kind of “brahmanka”, having looked like a ludina, scho accepting a solution. Yakshcho tse gospodospodarka, then won virishuє, a sort of m'yasa buy a house. As an editor of a newspaper, you’ll need to put it down yourself, put the information in the room.

From now on, there’s a “brahmanik” for the model - the one that controls the latest, the preparation, the repeat, the more information, the most censored.

The report by D. White showed that it’s really possible to “put on the number”, because it’s up to 50% of information, not to go to the meetings of the mass media [123].

Yak bachite, a room for creativity of the great potential censor.

Model "New Structure"

At the thought of the author of the sociocommunicative model A. T. Van Dyck [11], the ideologue of dictation, the interplay of social issues, the flow of knowledge, transformation and social knowledge, solidarity, social representation.

For example, the problems of national minorities, those who are living with so little peace, are mas-media. The very impulse of the structure of informational inflow is to the part of the left.

Say, for the sake of promoting racism in suspension, the structure of the article heading is: “I am not racist, ale ...” I’m even in the very statement of the problem, and the argument is obvious.

More often than not, new ones are often densely populated with digital data (higher and lower), and more often than not, more often than not, information is presented. To Van Dyck’s thought, it’s worth it to go too far about modeling accuracy, fragments are practically nicholas in newspapers;

From now on, the structural blocks of news, beyond the minds of the latest information about the project, are suttely absorbed in the image of the whole project. In the first context of van Dyck’s achievement, it’s insanely important for the rozumіnnya mehanizmіv formuannya huge thoughts through the catastrophes of the mass community.

For example, as a matter of mas-media, I want to show negatively such a move, like a strike, then with the administrator’s stink, you can quietly sit in quiet rooms, and with strike-glasses on a little fond, dumb background. Ale journalism can be used in pasty.

The presidential service of the American president Ronald Reagan was corroborating with a similar priory, if he showed the smiling president on the background of a helicopter with the practical engines of the Bilya’s house. At the very moment of journalism, one was overloaded to shout one and the same noise of a helicopter, they looked at the contrast like “unhealthy, rude whiskey” against the background of a beloved and great leader, I had great pleasure in .

Its format and structure are the latest news - the President’s arrival from the residence, allowing those who speak behind the scenes themselves, who wrote the communal service of the White House at the press-release. Give the whole visual contrast to the vision, to see if there is a big deal at the side of the mighty Maybut conflict of the president and the journalist.

Also mark the markers with those that introduced new episodes to the standard:

• Tim is at Warsaw’s hour ... (Зміна місця).

• On the next day ... (winter time).

• N ... mriyav, having robbed a viglyad ... (winter of a possible light).

• And the president’s dog ... (introduction of new members).

• Yesterday we were telling you one thing, a year ago, there were new dates and situations, so ... (this is the point of dawning, anyway, perspectives).

• We knew you better than Professor N ale vіn not tіlki vіdomy introductions, but th talent artist ... (re-introduced to the character with a dodatova, wide information).

• Yakbi Kit Matroskin not coming to the Cow ... - Freeze frame: cats cannot reach the corner! - In short, you can help the Dynamo-Parliament (Winter Scenario) and that at your home office.