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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

3.2. Family Models

Listopad pіdtverdiv renom:

On the trees it’s a little leafy,

Tilki hmar osinnіkh macrame

From the speck of shiє we are welcome.

Ліхтарі цілує zalyubki

I kohannya live by guesses,

I treasure - by syroma - smears,

And a kitten who whispered to skiglit.

I on tim non-rushnik

Із хмарин і board of the sky

Gorobin reached the gusto

I, for the truth, require us to ...

Seven models of communication are encouraged to go to victorian and local signs, although I often want to have a dense background of the word “go without codes” for pointing out the remaining signs and verbs. To the point of view, I’m reading a picture, and then I’ve got an additional picture of the reading of the text.

There is a rosy look for such models. Model of Roman Jacobson

Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), a certain time in Russia, R. Jacobson describing the model of community relations (Fig. 9) for the six factors factor view [74]:

Model of the Jacobson community

Dermatological factor, according to the thought of R. Jacobson, the performance of the movi:

Emotivna - tied to the addressee, a kind of conveyance of which it is expressly put before the singer’s singing on the rivne ntonatsiy, so that the audience is unambiguously accounted for.

It’s conative - a picture of an address to the addressee and a free flow of interest to the recipient: “Give me my parasol.”

Fatichna - it’s not connected to the message not information, but to the contact: “It's wonderful weather, s-eh ...”

Metamovna - tied up with a code, a certain permission to know about the meaning of the word for the help of metaphors: "The tiger is great, it’s even similar to our Murchik."

It is poetic - to be better on the form, lower on the occasion: "Nice, nice, clear, it’s clear - I want to take the goals ..."

Abstract (cognitive) - to rob the emphasis on the context and the message on the subject, about how to go around. Movlyav, speaker to the parliament, giving journalism to journalists, who won’t be perspicacious, but not a friend of lyudin in politically sensitive Ukraine.

In addition, R. Jacobson, having disregarded, for visual signs the most important is spacious vimir, and for rumors - watch. Use signs (symbols, symbols, symbols by Charles Piers), think about it, burn up the irreplaceable pictures, and the translator is able to transfer one characteristic over the last.

The symbolic component in ikonichnyh (visual) signs can be interpreted differently. As if in the picture one ludina is depicted for the greater ones, then there are three options:

• Wonderfully small physical dimensions;

• interruption is closer to glance;

• the role is important (guess the image of the pharaohs, emperors, tsars on the old frescoes, whose painting is Petro-va-Vodkina "Bilshovik." scho stumble on the streets).

Model Yury Lotman

Tsey Vidomy Professor of Tartus University (Estonia), having embraced R. Jacobson’s model above abstract. At first thought, for the community, the addressees are not equivalent, therefore, to speak and to hear. And the process of the communication itself was looked at by him like a translation to the text of my “I” to the word of your “tee”. Such a relocation, having respected Y. Lotman, impulses on the undefined code of both participants, yakі, tv_m, try to multiply, they’ll overrun [35].

Y. Lotman viokremlyuv dvі komunіkativnі models:

"I am VIN"; "I - I."

At the first winnings I win the active and passive forms of living with information.

Spivstavte sculpture and lyalyku (igrashku). Sculpture is an informative monologue of the author, though we would like to have a look at it, but I won’t need it. And Lyalyka will need gr. Celebrity - folklore community, if you can actively get involved in the open spaces of prosuvannya.

Another model has a model called it auto-racing, if more than once a new one is needed (change code for a new code).

Passing on to one's own personal information, like Perebudov’s particularities.

First of all, let me tell you, you read the novel "Meister and Margarita" by M. Bulgakov at 14 rocks, and then re-read it at 30 rocks. One and the same text, which has become known as the title of the last dostvid, even after the return of information and information.

More than one, in our opinion, a characteristic butt. Say, generation 60-70s rock XX century. the Radyansky Union vihovuvalis on obozhnuvannі "dіdusya Lenіna", a kind of dbav about children, loving zvіrov skinny.

What if they had a clean image, if they had a historical record of facts, what did V. Ulyanov, when they saw the rushnitsy butt (so that you don’t have to run out of clothes), when you finished the hare, did you climb to the island, did you have more time? But did they read the words written by him: "Intellectuals - Mr. ... national"? - chantly, I won’t need any fake prayer ... Y. Lot-mann’s special significance is having pressed the visual comunication. On a hat until nei vin viokremlyuv etap of the primary coduvannya (etiquette, ritual).

Say, the French emperor Napoleon, who imprisoned the most powerful court ceremony, didn’t get to the front royal court, but to the French version of the court to the Roman emperors.

To our little thought, the whole butt, the fragments of the best symbolism in these clothes, we will prostitute ourselves in the baggage of civilization, country, watch vimirah.

Guess a little less, the ideology of the word "king" is tied with the name of Charlemagne, the "king" is Caesar.

Philosophy encourage the Russian Empire based on the postulate "Moscow - the Third Rome."

Obviously, Napoleon, having recognized the title of emperor, navigating the rivals of the court etiquette striving to discover the greatness of Great Rome, and not repeating the etiquette of the French royal court, who "profuced" the power and the venerable shutter of the middle of the wide area.

Zauvazhimo, scho Y. Lotman having examined the culture as a code generator. All manifestations of culture, at first thought, with their own communal mechanisms, with their own free movement. І culture, inspired by one code, in principle, not guilty buti, fragments of the remainder are reflected in the manifestation of the great number of such codes.

In the whole plan, the important role is also the role of the natural movement and the linguistic mechanism of coduvannya. Vidtak - both primary (mov), secondary (literature, theater, film) of modeling systems such as semantic systems.

Tsei vidatnii estonets, imparting great significance to linguistic instrumentation, having settled down the foundations of the communal analysis of culture through the analysis of the rest in the specificity of the specific, communicative mechanism of transmission of information. In the first year, merit to science is non-transverse.